Synthesis Mod adults 18+ game for The Sims 4

You need consider before downloading and installing, you need over 18 and we are not responsible for the impacted Center game induced reasons, these are special mod is only for adults.

RPG character is similar to real people with similar behaviors in real life is often like making friends, love, marriage, relationships, have children … should have its unique mod that is causing everything becomes possible, so that mod game for the Sims 4 adults was born, but it is so special mod 18+ age limit nor share a common way.

Download and install Mod adults 18+ game for The Sims 4

Download synthetic 18+ mod for the game the sims 4: DOWNLOAD

After the download you can copy the entire folder into the folder 3 C: Users / Administrator / Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods.

Since there are plenty of mod comes, there will be an aggregate file that you just copy all the folder of the game The Sims 4 Mods and Mod Script enabled in the settings of the game, after the turn is complete, you need to exit and re-enter the game.

The Mod Features include 18+ the sims 4

-Mod not cover: When you take a bath or hygiene are not covered, but by default, especially when the two sim woohoo going to strip.

-Mod relations: This mod allows you to be able to help you as real relationships with many different positions, especially those "parts" of both men and women are quite open and it's helping game becomes more than ever.

How to use mod sim 18+ relations: Right click on objects such as chairs, beds or even under ground -> select Wicked … -> select woohoo … -> select the type and according to various positions your liking.

– cuddling after Woohoo Mod: This mod is a great help for 2 sim after finishing woohoo will not go to bed or get out of bed but 2 will lie stick around for a while to cuddle emotional .

There are also many other mod: allows flirt and have feelings for teen, lover with many different sim, and many other exciting features that you can explore. Wish you happy gaming!

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