Download POV Camera Unlocker 1.1 For GTA 5, Mod POV Camera For Grand Theft Auto 5 Free

This is a mod which removes the view limitation set on the gameplay camera in first- person mode. If you’ve ever driven a vehicle in first- person mode while playing GTA V, you know that R* has clamped the pitch of the camera to a very small range, and it doesn’t let you look around in the same way you would expect to in real- life.

 POV Camera Unlocker 1.1 GTA 5

This mod fixes that by patching the camera to allow a wider range of rotation. Obviously this can be especially useful for people playing GTA V with eye- tracking or VR. In the first version I have tried to support pretty much every vehicle in the game, but there is a chance I didn’t get everything so please tell me if you use this and notice a scenario where it isn’t working.

POV Camera Unlocker 1.1 converted the mod to an .asi plugin , Support for on-foot camera.