Download Simple Trainer for GTA V 4.1, Simple Trainer Script For Grand Theft Auto 5

What do you get:
Various options normal to any trainer, the world’s simplest speedometer, either in KM/H or MP/H or both, 60 Teleporting options that can be customized using the trainerv.ini, 12 vehicle spawning options assigned to hotkeys, which also can be customized using trainer.ini, all other car models can be spawned by using the menu. you can force a default station in each vehicle you enter, or when using the mobile radio, both configurable in game and using the trainer.ini You can change your player model using the menu.

Simple Trainer for GTA V 4.1
It also features time and weather options, and a bunch of car options Also any predefined teleport slot can be customized in game, overwriting the predefined values
The trainer also includes bodyguard /ped spawning, any model can be spawned, any weapon can be given , defaults in trainer.ini, these can also be altered using the bodyguard menu in game. In additional to bodyguards, also drivers, combat peds and peds and drivers that attack the player can be spawned. Normal peds can be given a total of ten tasks. You can assign the same tasks to the last spawned ped. You can set the bodyguards to follow you in a car. You can also select a specific ped and do stuff on the selected ped.
The trainer includes the mobile radio, which works outside of the car, all features that are available with the normal radio, also work with the mobile radio.
Trainer.ini contains the defaults section, where you can set certain settings to be enabled on game start.
In-Game Menu
Options, Most of the options are in here, the toggle options will have real time information as to whether or not these are enabled (2 pages).
Vehicle Options, all Car related options can be found here. (2 pages), it includes a color menu and a Car Component menu. Also the Vehicle Mod menu is found here, this replaces LS Customs .
Lock radio station is also located here, as it is relevant to cars, but of course also to the mobile radio. You can also save and load 20 cars, the colors, components, locations and health are saved, they will load at the same location where you saved them, or near the player.

Download Simple Trainer for GTA V 4.1
Bodyguard/Ped Spawning, all available models can be spawned, you can select the weapon that is given (including a random weapon option, that will randomize the weapons when you spawn a bodyguard/ped), and whether or not god mode is enabled. Health can be customized for all peds (including bodyguards) so that you can set the health higher than the default 200 and don’t have to enable godmode. You can also spawn peds that attack the player, spawn drivers, random bodyguards and a ped that can be given tasks, also two combat peds can be spawned, they will fight each other. Finally an attacking driver + attacking ped can be spawned. You can now select a specific ped, after selecting, this ped is used for menus like clothes, animations, and move ped.
For bodyguards you can set if a drive by weapon is given. (Disable this if you want to assign a weapon that is less powerful then the MP5 (like baseball bat, or unarmed, otherwise they will use the MP5 to fight). Weapon and health selection applies to all bodyguards and peds, model selection only applies to the non random spawns. You can give the spawned driver the task to drive to waypoint. Also you can enable/disable blips for bodyguards and peds that you spawn. You can also give the random ped and the specific ped a total of 10 tasks when you spawn them, default task can be set in trainerv.ini, other task can be set in game. The car that is spawned using the random driver/ped can also be set, both in trainerv.ini and in game. In addition you can set the color for that car. Also the option dead ped drop weapon can be set. Finally drive to waypoint can be set to automatic in trainerv.ini (also in game), so that each time you set a new waypoint, and you have a driver in the car, the ped will drive to waypoint. The speed and driving style for the driver can be set in game. You can change the clothes and related things for the last spawned ped, you can move the latest spawned ped.
It also includes an animation menu, where you can choose 13230 animations for the last spawned bodyguard/ped.. This menu also contains 10 animation slots, and you can set the animations to apply to all peds. You can save and load clothing options for the bodyguards. Also you can give tasks to the last spawned ped. (Or all peds). You can set bodyguards to follow you using cars. The speed they use to follow you can be set in game and is the same speed as the speed for the drivers.
Trainerv.ini contains a separate bodyguards section, where settings relative to bodyguard/ped spawning can be set, also the save settings function (that saves relevant settings to trainer.ini) will also work for the following bodyguards settings, and these are saved to the bodyguard section of trainer.ini: PedModel, Weapon, GodMode, DriveByWeapon, DrivingStyle, DrivingSpeed, PedHealth, AddBlip, DefaultTask, DefaultCar, DropWeapon, AutoDrive, DefaultCarColor, PedMoney and FollowDriver. The following settings cannot be set in game and need to be set in trainer.ini: AttackDistBehind, RandomMin and RandomMax.

Download Simple Trainer for GTA V 4.1
Vehicle Spawning: all available vehicle models can be spawned, they are sorted by category.
Mission Help: for all the lazy people out there, you can teleport to first valid mission marker, which saves you having to drive, but this can also be used to keep up with persons you have to chase, also in this menu is blow up cop car/chopper, if you are wanted, the blips that are displayed on the map, are used to blow the police cars and choppers that are “near”. The ultimate mission helper is kill ped attached to blip, this will simply kill the ped that is attached to a blip, to only kill the peds that are attached to the enemy blip, use kill enemy ped function (works also on police officers), some missions can be passed by just using the teleport to valid destination marker and kill enemy ped functions. The first option will also let you win all 9 races, just by holding num 5 when the option is selected, by going to each checkpoint including the finish. If you enabled the car blips, the teleport to spawned cars will let you cycle between the first three cars that you spawned. Finally blow up car attached to valid destination marker might be useful in missions. Finally this menu contains a cutscene player, not all cutscenes might work.
Model Spawning: All models can be spawned. This menu also contains the clothes menu which can be used to change the clothes of models. 5 slots can be used to save clothing options, and load them at a later time.
Finally an animation menu, allows you to choose 13230 different animations for the player character. You can also save the last played animation to a total of 10 slots, you can load these by using the menu. Possibility to loop animations has been added.
Object Spawning: you can spawn objects selection from a few lists or spawn by model name or number. You can move or clone the last spawned object, make it visible/invisible or Dynamic/Static, you can also do the above on a specific object in the edit specific object menu. Finally you can save the last 250 spawned objects to objects.ini which enables you to load them on request. Also includes the ability to attach objects to Vehicle, Saved Vehicle, Player or Last/Specific Bodyguard/Ped, including moving and detach the attached objects and saving them to trainerv.ini for later re-load.
Teleporting: 60 teleport options, the menu will read the coordinates, menu description and in game message description from trainerv.ini. Also teleport to waypoint is in this menu. Finally there is other teleports menu, where you can teleport to a wide range of Collectibles, and launcher locations
Teleporting Save: all 60 teleporting options can be overwritten with the current position, again the menu will show the current description of each slot. It will also try to find the street name of the current position, if found, it will be written to trainer.ini, and the next time you teleport using this slot, the menu description and the message you get once teleported will display the street name, if no street is retrieved, the default message will be written. In any case, you can customize both in trainerv.ini.
Time, Time related options. Including sync to system time and real time duration (one minute game=one minute real time), you can also lock the time. You can set specific hour of day, minute of hour and day of the week.
Weapons: Give weapons or remove weapons to the player. You can also set the ammo for the current weapon using this menu. In addition Weapon attachment and color can be set.
Weather: Weather related options, including lock weather.

Navigation through the menus can be done in the following way:
F3 to display the menu, scroll through the options on a particular menu by using either num 8 for up or num 2 for down, if an option is at the end of a particular menu, you can use num 8 to go there quickly. Activate a submenu or option by pressing num 5, scroll through submenu pages by using either num 4 or num 6, (again to quickly go to the last submenu page while being on the first use num 4). Go back to the main menu by pressing num 0, cancel the menu by pressing backspace. Activation of options uses num 5.
To change the color of the menu, the highlighting color and the menu font, go to set menu colors/fonts on the options menu, second page, the normal menu text color, the highlighting menu text color and the font can be set. Once set, it is applied immediately and written back to trainerv.ini. You can choose between a total of 455 RGB Colors and 8 fonts. In addition you can draw a rect behind the menu (enabled by default) in the same menu the color and opacity of the rect can be set and the rect can be disabled as well from here.
The under car neon colors are using the same 455 RGB colors; these can be set using the car options menu page, first page.
There is a save settings function (options menu second page) which will save all the appied or chosen settings in one go to the ini file. This includes settings selected in regards to bodyguards, any toggle options and things like default radio station (set in lock radio menu) startup time (set in time menu) and default weather. There are four settings which currently cannot be set in game and need to be set in ini:
Digits=0 //Display digits for speedometer
AttackDistBehind=-6 //Distance behind player to spawn attacking driver/ped
RandomMin=0 //Lowest Weapon to be included for random weapons
RandomMax=56 //Highest Weapon to be included for random weapons

Installation Instructions:
The trainer consists of two files, trainerv.asi and trainerv.ini
You need to copy both trainerv.asi and trainerv.ini to the game’s root directory.

In addition you will need the scripthookv.dll (the scripthook) and dinput8.dll (the asi loader) both can be obtained via:

Download Now : Link Download