eat faster Download Mod The Sims 4, mod helps sim eat and drink faster

Like in real life, eating and drinking are two indispensable in life, then in the sims 4, your character when hunger forced to eat, drink when you need that if you're not doing it will make sims can no fun, nimble and quick death, but its time to sim finished his meal for a long time to be able to save it for other things like go to work, exercise, flirting … then eat faster Mod the Sims 4 will really help you a lot.

Pretty simple, first you eat quickly download Mod for Sims on PC: DOWNLOAD

Then unzip the mod-an-nhanh.rar file, the file copy .package file in the folder C: Users / Administrator / Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods. In the game to try new food sims speed to feel nhé.

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