Download Mod Lock Shop for The Sims 4, Mod others not arbitrarily into the room

Gaming The Sims 4 is sure everyone would like to have the house more modern rooms that all have their own rooms, but the main drawback is the people in the house or even the guests to play can arbitrarily into your room without knocking, it can wake your sleep or that you will not have a quiet space to work, sometimes even 2 couples are doing " sex "that the mistress or the children in a room will be very inconvenient, so that Mod Lock Shop for the Sims 4 was born. This is an interesting mod and is essential for those who have plenty of room homes.

Download and Install Mod Lock Shop for The Sims 4


How to install: Download the file above, then unzip the .zip file and copy the file to the Documents folder .package file / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods of the computer.

The key features of the Mod Shop for The Sims Division 4

  • Doors can be set to always allow a list of up to 8 Sims to use them.
  • Personal Choices sims can be done with the "never lock to …" menu option
  • Never will not automatically lock to set or change any of the key settings – use the most popular features most desired, see the option to allow only the quick select key Sims below
  • In picker sim sims will be arranged with the first selected, then the current household, followed by the all sims. List then be sorted by name and last name.

In addition to the options that you can use in door lock mod the sims 4 as:
+ A menu "Quick Key" has been added that can be used to quickly establish a specific style lock, options include:
+ Allow only current Sim – Turns on lock for all and adds to the list of current sim always allow
+ Allow only selected Sims – Turns on lock for everyone and allows up to 8 sims been selected for the list always allow
+ Allow only children – open locks for young adults, adults and the elderly
+ Allows young adults and the elderly – to open the locks for children and adolescents
+ A feature copy / paste is also available in the quick locks to quickly repeat a key style, including any option sims
+ Locks can be turned on and back without removing any installed
+ Mod will now reassess an old lock automatically whenever a sim ages up
+ Mod will no longer try to lock the door to the devil or Grim.

I wish you happy gaming!

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