Download Mod for the Sims 4 hotels, motels Dating in the sims 4

The Sims 4 is no stranger to many people love the game and immersive simulation in Vietnam, it allows you to have a life game character very similar to the real world that you can do many things stayed in it, but it's still more or less the limitations which must include features to meet in a hotel or with family sometimes hire a certain hotel, it's just for a date in the entertaining places as well as sightseeing, so that Mod hotel for the Sims 4 will help you fix it.

This mod allows you to add a place called the new hotel, sims can live there. It also invited 6 sims same as the customer lives in a hotel. There are four sims act as hotel staff, one manning the front desk, one for cooking food, one to repair the objects, and one to clean them.

You should use the mod key to avoid the hotel's guests have continuous status in your room. If you want to add a hotel for your sims, search the library by selecting the type of hotel. I gave up the first hotel to be named "The Awesome Hotel", but you have to check include custom content in the installation.

Download Mod hotel for the Sims 4


How to install: Download the file above, then unzip the .zip file and copy the file to the Documents folder .package file / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods of the computer.

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