Download Mod for The Sims 4 lottery, lottery Enrichment by mod in the game the sims 4

The Sims 4 simulation games is similar to real-life human beings, hence a lot of things that your character can do that in real life, if not in the original, it has the additional mod pulse and which must include Mod lottery for the Sims 4 . This is a very interesting mod that you do not need to cheat money, try to borrow their campaign to get rich quickly without having to cheat, it will bring you the thrill of joy as well as sudden peaks when the winning number.

Download and install Mod lottery for The Sims 4

First, the most important is that you need to download to your computer mod. There are 3 types for you to choose from including:

Lottery easy categories: DOWNLOAD

regular Lottery: DOWNLOAD

Lottery kind of hard: DOWNLOAD

Adding automatic feature enables many more options when dialing: DOWNLOAD

How to install: Download one of three types of lotteries in the ceramics easily, often and hard, can be downloaded automatically included categories to add. Then unzip the .zip file and copy the file to the Documents folder .package file / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods of the computer.

If this is your first time using Script Mod you have to enter the game and turn it on, restart.

Some Lottery Mod feature for The Sims 4

Humor – Sims will get the happy mood for victory, and stressful or sad mood when they took stripe.
Whims – playful and confident Sims can get a whim to play SimLotto, and earned the satisfaction to do so.
Achievements – achievements added two games
SimLotto fanatics – to buy tickets with a 100 SimLotto single Sim.
SimLotto Addict – 500 SimLotto tickets between all your Sims.
Note that the achievements in TS4 is associated with save games, so playing 250 times and 250 times a note on a different note not bound together. This is a design limitation of the game.
SIM statistics – statistics screen Simology / Sim will now show the number of tickets and all winnings for your Sim.
Sims now receive a refund if they cancel the game before the winning numbers are drawn.
Add the computer SimLotto aliens from getting to work.

This mod allows sims to buy tickets SimLotto lottey on any computer included in the game. The rate is higher billing lottery usual to make things a little more interesting, but the odds fairly balanced and not only money scam. Three flavors of mod is the odds available, normal, easier odds and the best odds. The number of matches demand, the range of phone numbers and pay are changes in taste each. Full list of payouts can be found below a spoiler.

Play SimLotto is quite simple, however this is the complete guide. Refer to the screenshot above to see some samples puchases (and yes, he was deceived to have been selected 6 Jackpot!):
– Tickets can be purchased by anyone from teenagers to adults and costs 50 Simoleons when purchasing a ticket.
– Tickets will be bought automatically.
– Sims will get a small amount of fun when they buy tickets.
– The option of playing select 3, 4, 5 or 6 lottery style available.
– Buy a ticket to take a few minutes Sim work computer. If the action is canceled before the dialog box appears to choose your phone number, the selling price will be refunded.
– When the dialog box to select the phone number appears, airline tickets were purchased in full. Cancel at this time will not refund any money.
– The dialog box to select your phone number will instruct you how many phone numbers to enter, and the range of valid numbers. If you have made an invalid choice, the dialog box will ask you to re-enter your selection.
– You can enter just a computer 0 to select a random selection of telephone numbers automatically for you.
– After pressing the OK button, the computer will "draw" random numbers and if your sim has appeared enough draw, a prize will be released.
– Suitable for all the picks will lead to a jackpot, can make a huge amount of Simoleons sim card.
– The highest payouts (although this is very rare, but can and can ultimately happens to someone) will give the proceeds of up to 9,999,999 Simoleons, this is also the maximum amount sim can your own, even if it also cheat will reach this figure.

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