Download Iphone 6 For Phone Mod The Sims 4, replacing the default phone with iphone 6

If you are playing the sims 4, you also know each sims are equipped with their own phones, which is a pretty nice visual sensors, but it is not very fashionable, will top how wonderful if your sims spend iphone 6 beautiful and new life with the big screen, that's why taizaloaz like to introduce to you the Mod Phone Iphone 6 for the Sims 4 looked very class, strange. It will replace the default phone your sims, the image displayed on the screen is retained, but the design is completely different.

First you need to download the mod on your computer. DOWNLOAD

Then S4_iphone6.rar out file decompression, file copy iphone6.package file in the folder C: Users / Administrator / Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods. In the game and use new phones only.

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