Download and install Mod University School for The Sims 4

Going to school is one of the indispensable tasks in the game the sims 4, however it does not allow us to go to school, which is just to do the task through homework, that's why losing a beauty of RPGs this real life style. So that Study university Mod The Sims 4 was launched, in addition to also mod for the lower grade students in elementary, middle school. But it's more complicated settings so you first use this mod for ease of installation and use.

Download mod sims school for 4: DOWNLOAD

After the download you can copy the files in that entire folder into C: Users / Administrator / Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Mods, including .zip file.

Mod Features of University Studies for The Sims 4

day of physical activity – this is the day, where your sims to do things for their training for the real world: work out for physical education, painting
woodworking and arts, and music players! This took place on Monday and Wednesday.

Day lecture – this is the day where your Sims learn from their professors hope that awesome! The goal for the day related to watch lectures
and ask questions. This takes place on Tuesday and Thursday.

Date protection – this is the day when your Sim give a presentation to his class! Note: If your sim is not study for presentation day, he or she will lose a lot of performance, likewise, if your sim research before it, they'll get a big increase their class!

Special Day

The first day – this is the day that you get to know your classmates!

graduation day – this is the last day, say your goodbyes to friends and enemies on this day. Your later their sim is required to start at level 4 of their dream job! This took place on the 20th of your sim large university.

Research your topics
One of the most important things to do in the university's research. To really study, buy college supplies from the store building and research to your heart's content! Warning: Like real life, the study takes a LONG time, and takes about – I think four hours, so your sim will have many sleepless nights by their questions to the highest level ! If they do not learn, even if they performed well in his duties at the university, they will get worse and worse grades.
So, let your sim go to study offline!

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